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Join us in the comfort of your home or from wherever you are at sundown on the 7th day for Shabbath classes with the Honorable Yahweh Ben Yahweh.  According to True solar time our Sabbath is honored on the 7th Day.  We do not honor a named day of the week, but realize that many need to know what day of the week our 7th day falls on for this current solar year. Each year our 7th day will appear to rotate to the next day of the week when comparing it to the days of the week on the Gregorian Calendar.  This solar year our 7th day begins on sundown Saturday until sundown Sunday.  Keep in mind that it is the 7th day that is holy, not any particular named day of the week.

To keep the 7th day holy in the quietness of your home, follow this week's scriptural readings below.

Week 14

Torah Reading - Exodus Chapters 1-4

Foundation Scriptures

 Matthew 11:28-30             2 Timothy 2:15                  Isaiah 9:6


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Audio Classes

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