​​​​​Biblical Celebrations

​Yahweh's Universal Holy Days and Solar Calendar Days Year 6022/23 FC

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Abib 1 The First Day of the Solar Year 6022 Sundown March 10 until Sundown March 11)

Passover Abib 14 (Sundown March 23 until Sundown March 24)

Feast of Unleavened Bread Abib  (Sundown March 24 -Sundown March 31)

Feast of Weeks (Sundown  May 19-Sundown May 26)

Memorial Blowing of Trumpets (Sundown September 6-7)

Day of Atonement (Sundown September 15-16)

​Feast of Tabernacles (Sundown September 20-Sundown September 27)

Holy Convocation (Sundown September 27-Sundown September 28) 

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